Save Money, Time, Space and our Planet with the new sustainable Grohanger.


Grohanger Saves You Money

Saves You Money 

Don't waste money on baby hangers, then kids hangers and clip hangers. Buy Grohangers once and cover everything.


Grohanger Saves You Money

Saves You Space 

Save 50% more space using the Grohanger space saving feature and keep outfits and sets together.

Grohanger Saves You Money

Saves You Time  

No more picking up clothes from the floor or hunting for the right size hanger. Stay neat and tidy with Grohangers.


What our customers say

Love these hangers!

Susan Bramley 

They are absolutely amazing! They fit every type of baby clothing with the added benefit of stacking to take up less space. Plus the fact they grow with your baby makes them even more perfect!!!

Love these hangers for a growing child!

Tom Cribbin 

Love these hangers. I got them when mother care was open and have used ever since and purchased more when my daughters wardrobe grows xx

Highly recommended

Kelly Fulton

Great Items, exactly what I was looking for as I'm OCD with hanging outfits! Great communication throughout and super fast delivery. Definitely recommend :)

Grohanger Saves You Money

Saves Our Planet  

Standard baby and kids hangers become too small, ending up as plastic waste. Grohanger offers lifetime use. 



What our customers say

Money well spent


The shoulder arms extend from baby size to pretty much adult size very easily. They have a tongue and groove system that is very easy to use by simply pushing the tongue part and extending the arm outward until it locks. The pant hangers have removable pant clips that can be used on all the hangers. If you don't need them, you can just pop them off and save until you do. The pant clips are attached to the extendable part of the arms so these grow with your child also.You can use them to save space in your closet by attaching them to each other at the neck.You can use them to save space in your closet by attaching them to each other at the neck.

Genius product, highly recommend


Simply fab in every way. A very worth while investment and nice to have option to stack clothes or use a clip in the centre. I use this when I send clothes with little one to nannas and means I can clip socks or tights in the centre. Brilliant. Bub just approaching 1 year and only just beginning to use with slight extention, so plently of life for years to come. Easy to use and so versatile. Dont hesitate to buy. Worth the money spent.

Great Idea


Delivered promptly and product was exactly as described. Handy instructions to help with removal of clips and elongating hangers. I can’t comment on the hangers’ longevity as I am currently using them for baby clothes, but they look like they will be useful for years to come. I like that they provide an option for trousers and skirts, as most baby hangers I’ve seen don’t. I will definitely recommend these hangers to other new parents as a space and money saver, as well as an eco-friendly alternative to usual baby hangers.

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