This new sustainable hanger is genius!
it saves the planet
by growing with your child into an adult hanger


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5 star rating Rated 4.8/5 by 927 happy customers
Love these!
No more clothes falling off hangers when the kids move up a size, no more different size hangers getting in tangle…!
PO Donnoll May 05, 2022

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Why parents love GROHANGERS?


    Don't waste money on baby hangers, then kids hangers & clip hangers. Buy Grohangers once & cover everything.


    Create 50% more space using the Grohanger space saving feature and keep outfits & sets together.


    No more picking up clothes from the floor or hunting for the right size hanger. Stay neat and tidy with Grohangers.


    Standard baby & kids hangers become too small ending up as plastic waste. Grohangers offer lifetime use.

You only have to purchase Grohangers once - Saving at least 20% of long term costs and 60% CO2 + You avoid plastic waste.

BUY NOW or order your free sample to try
5 star rating Rated 4.8/5 by 927 happy customers
Great Product
Eco friendly as can be used for baby clothing and then extended to suit adult clothing. Would definitely buy again.
F Pond on 4th April, 2022

How GroHanger works?

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5 star rating
Love these so much I brought another set
I've brought two packs of these now. I absolutely love these so much, amazing quality, look great and such good value for money. They save so much space its ridiculous and mean I won't have to keep buying bigger hangers as baby gets bigger. Would highly recommend.
Cove on 4 July 2023
5 star rating
Gro as your baby grows
Stacks really well (in fact, love the stacking as the bottom of the wardrobe space isn't wasted), seems sturdy and strong. Bought these ones speciafically because of the clips, nice to have a whole set of clothes together so that I don't have to go searching for each individual matching item. Have found them more useful than I thought as it's so much easier to see all the clothes in the wardrobe in one glance. Nice to not have to hunt for bigger and bigger hangers as toddler grows.
Alias on 3 April 2023
5 star rating
Excellent way to save money, no need to replace as child grows. Creates lots of additional hanging space as can join together.
Rosie on 12 March 2024
5 star rating
Great Hangers
These are great. I am not a big fan of plastic but these hangers and the quality of plastic is great. I love the fact they are adjustable and can “grow” with my baby’s clothes. I would highly recommendthem.
P Jacovicova on Mar 1, 2022
5 star rating
Great Value hangers
Delivered promptly and product was exactly as described. Handy instructions to help with removal of clips and elongating hangers.
Amazon customer on May 4, 2022
5 star rating
Fantastic Buy
This is the second time I’ve bought these hangers. The only hangers you’ll ever need. They hold Tony newborn outfits and are expandable and sturdy enough to grow with your little one.. Fantastic buy
J Parker on Mar 31, 2022

Designed By A British family company.


We offer lifetime warranty

Grohangers are strong & durable and designed to last lifetimes.Pass down to the next generation.

We are so confident in our product that if anything ever happens. Simply send us a photo and we will replace the entire set FREE of charge.

BUY NOW or order your free sample to try
5 star rating Rated 4.8/5 by 927 happy customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Billions of outgrown plastic baby hangers generally end up in landfill which adds to the huge plastic waste problem (estimated over 6 Billion each year!). Grohangers can be used from baby size through to adult life so you never have to throw away grohangers and so you can pass them down to the next generation! Other extendable baby hangers don't expand to full adult size like the Grohangers.

The typical size of standard baby hangers is around 25 cm and kids hangers tend to be 30cm which tend to be too big for baby clothes and are generally thrown away when kids reach around 12 yrs. Grohangers can be adjusted from 27cm (baby size) to 41cm (adult size) and have a unique extending trouser bar, unavailable on any other hanger, so are good for all adult tops, trousers and skirts too with the unique clips you get with Grohangers.

Parents will need around 40 tops baby hangers and 20 baby clip hangers. If you buy standard kids tops hangers and clip hangers you will end up having to replace all of these when your child reaches around 8 years old, so you double up on the cost and create unnecessary plastic waste. 

Grohangers come in convenient boxes of 18 hangers and offer 6 of these with clips. They can be used for tops, skirts, trousers and outfits and offer a space saving feature too. So you only have to buy grohangers ONCE thus saving money in the long run and helping to prevent plastic waste that our kids will have to deal with eventually.