The Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

18 Grohangers. 6 have clips.

From experience we used around 60 to 80 per Childs wardrobe. Bear in mind that Grohangers stack so you can double the size of your wardrobe quite easily compared to standard hangers.

See the comparison here with standard hangers. You can actually save over 20% compared to buying the equivalent standard hangers.

There are so many you need to look at the comparison table on our website.

Grohangers are made from 100% recycled polypropylene which is one of the easiest materials to recycle so the answer is YES but you won’t need to as they are never outgrown like standard hangers and sadly most standard outgrown baby and kids hangers end up as landfill waste.

Grohangers are designed to last generations so you never need to throw them away and recycle.

Kids wood hangers are also outgrown so end up in landfill, unless sold and re used, and the metal hook and metal bar with clips will take 50 to 500 years to decompose! Also trees have to be cut down to make wood hangers resulting in fewer trees to absorb damaging CO2.

Grohangers use recycled plastic that might have ended up in landfill/our oceans and offer so many more practical features compared to wood hangers. Oh, and just look at the price of wood hangers!!