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All Potential Customers

Thanks for considering our Grohangers. I am confident that they will provide you with the most practical, cost effective and hassle free way to organise your child’s clothes throughout their life. Don’t forget that with the clips Grohangers are also good for adult skirts and trousers so it’s a LIFETIME product that you don’t have to throw away.

As a dad of two children I originally invented the Grohanger in back in 2001. Like most parents I couldn’t find decent clothes hangers that would fit properly as my kids grew. I discovered that parents bought baby hangers then spent more money on kids hangers, most of which were no good for hanging trousers and skirts, so you had to buy clip hangers also! After all this they were then thrown away having become too small. There was no multi size and multi use hanger available that could grow with your kids and could be used for all types of clothes into adulthood.

With the terrible plastic waste situation today the Grohanger design is even more relevant as it means you never have to throw them away and instead can use with the clips for adult skirts & trousers. Baby and kids hangers become too small and are discarded into landfill adding to the plastic waste problem so we are delighted the Grohanger design helps to prevent this and help ensure the world is fit for our children to live in.

After years of hard work and investment our Grohangers now sell in many countries around the world in major retailers and on-line. We are so grateful for all the 5* comments customers have left and always strive to provide excellent value for money through intelligent design.

Over the years we have listened to customers and continually invested and improved the Grohanger design. Indeed, the latest 24 piece set includes more clips (which customers have asked for) and offers a useful space saving feature creating over 50% more wardrobe space by allowing Grohangers to be clipped underneath each other using the clip.This also helps keep sets and outfits together as well as using every bit of space in wardrobes.

I hope you decide to select our Grohangers to get the best value for money, the most practical solution and join us in preventing more plastic waste for our children to deal with.


Nick Lewis

We are always very keen to hear feedback from our customers so if you have any queries or questions pleasecontact us and if you are delighted with our grohangers we would be very grateful if you could leave us with a testimonial on our web site via the ​Contact Form ​and follow us on facebook and other social media.

Thanks again for visiting our website.


Nick Lewis